Two-Hour Hike + One-Hour Paddleboard Yoga

Hike at night through the forest illuminated by your headlamp, then splash into the steamy warm mineral water of the Homestead Crater with an hour of Paddleboard Yoga. 

Days & Times

Monday-Thursday 6:30-9:30pm
Friday-Saturday  6:30-9:30pm 
Sunday  3:30-6:30pm

These times are set. We rent the crater before and after it's open to the public.You will need transportation from the trail to the crater - a taxi does not work for this trip, you need your own vehicle.


2 Yogis $175 per guest
3-4 Yogis $145 per guest
5-7 Yogis $125 per guest

What to expect?

  • We will tailor the experience to the ability of the group as best we can. 
  • Expect a work out and a challenge for your balance. 
  • Have fun and know that doing yoga on a paddleboard is immediate feedback for your alignment in the yoga pose - even experienced yogis will be challenged.
  • The water is 65 feet deep. We attach you to the board with a leash around your ankle. If you can not swim or have a fear of water, we do have life jackets available for you.
  • Read more about all Yoga Adventures on our FAQ page.